The Colony & the Crown

Book Two of our Earth Colony Chronicles, The Colony & the Crown, is nearly in the bag! YAY! More than one reader demanded to know what happened to Cal’s treasure box and its contents, but hey, Book One isn’t Cal’s story. Book Two is, although writing it took longer than we anticipated because Cal is Cal and headstrong, as always. Corralling that child required some deft handling, I can tell you. However, she led us down some interesting paths worthy of exploration and, in some cases, inclusion.

We had, originally, hoped for a spring release, but now, we’re looking at fall. We want a face-to-face with our cover designer, and frankly, it gives us some breathing space.

For those who might be interested, The Sword & the Starship, Book One of the series, is now available through KDP Select. Not the original plan, but we’re pantsers and making things up as we go is what we do.

We’re thrilled to, finally, bring you Cal’s story. That girl has a lot of growing up to do, and what she faces on EC5 jeopardizes not only her future but all she holds dear, putting the maturation petal to the metal in a big way even as she discovers, sometimes, what meets the eye isn’t all there is to be seen.

We’re so excited!

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